What we offer our talent

An Exclusive Management Relationship that Entails the Following Services:

    - Diary Management
    - Booking co-ordination
    - Processing of contracts
    - Travel logistics and road management
    - Brand Management
    - Development and management of personal brand plan
    - Identification, development and management of all brand touch points
    - Public Relations and Media Profiling
    - Media monitoring
    - Online web property development and management (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Own web site, etc)
    - Sponsorship and endorsement acquisition and leverage
    - Online advertising (via amongst other things Google Ad Words) and search engine optimisation
    - Access to financial and legal advice
    - Access to event creation and management back-end


big DREAMERS team up with us, because we are DREAM alchemists, we turn DREAMS into reality.

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